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Property Market on the Costa del Sol has grown by 10%

Another statistics says that the real estate market on the Costa del Sol continues to grow. One study, IPE Business School, is a specialist in real estate on the Costa del Sol, it has shown a positive growth of the market.

If sales of villas and apartments continue growth, sales in the province of Málaga to be 30% of the total market volume in Andalusia and 20% of the national real estate market.

IPE claim that sales growth will be observed in the primary property market on the Costa del Sol. Construction of buildings, finally to rise, after falling 90% since the beginning of the financial crisis.

Luxury real estate - a sector that has a particular strength of growth, thanks to the exchange rate and the fact that Spain was considered to be more secure and stable country for investment than some of the other southern European countries.

S & P predicts a rise in property prices

Agency analysts also suggest that prices will rise further next year.

2017 real estate prices will continue to rise, against the backdrop of the Spanish economic recovery, which is starting to show some speed.

This trend is also observed in other European markets, property, thanks to improved economic conditions, in terms of financing and remains good.

Supported this upward trend, even in the hardest hit real estate markets.

For example, if you look at Ireland, whose real estate market has been destroyed as a result of the financial crisis, they are forecasts of real estate prices of 5.5% over the next two years.

It is also expected to rise in property prices in Portugal and Germany, prices remained stable in Italy.